24X7 IT Support Services for Small Scale Business Enterprises

Software Setup and Installation:-

Getting Computer Help will not be a matter of concern again!!

Same Day; actually Right Away while you wait, literally!!

Here comes the boon of modern technology and versatile expertise of the Web Eye Balls Experts'. Yes, when you are getting live computer support from our specialists you can sit back relax on your couch. Whenever you will encounter any hassle or compatibility issue in your PC or laptop and feel the need of computer help just give us a call and you are done!!

To let us provide you online computer help and resolve your computer error you just need to allow us to remotely connect with your computer. We will 'remote' into your computer right away with total control and only with your permission.

Then what else? Well, that's it!! Once we get into your computer the problems will really disappear like a magic. How you will be benefitted with Web Eye Balls Experts?

We give technical support for over 200+ software. You can take assistance in getting it installed on your computer system. We resolve all allowed compatibility issues and makes you free from all the hassle. Be it a Microsoft Windows 7, Apple Mac or any of their version, we give technical support for software installation for all versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple's Operating System.

Following are the Services we provide:-
  • Software installation
  • Uninstallation of software
  • Reinstallation and repair of software installed
  • Support for All version of Microsoft Windows and Apple's Operation System
  • Proper safeguards in place to maintain your privacy
  • Fixing of Compatibility issues during software installation.


Remote PC Support
System Security
Internet Troubleshoot
Email Configuration
Software Setup
Peripheral Support