24X7 IT Support Services for Small Scale Business Enterprises

Peripheral Devices:-

We give support services to help you install and configure all your computer peripheral devices at your work station. You just have to call and connect with our technical expert. Once allowed to connect, our expert will install and help you configure peripheral device.

We can install and configure devices of all Brands by fixing the allowed compatible with your computer systems.

We provide tech support services for following peripheral devices:-
  • Printer: We can assist you in installing printer of all brands to your PC. We help you to configure drives and fix compatibility issues during installation
  • Routers: You can take assistance in configuring the routers to enable internet and information access on your Personal computer through WAN and LAN.
  • Wi-Fi Devices: We provide assistance in configuring all the latest technological devices used with computer. The support is provided to configure Wi-Fi devices with your systems
  • Scanner: Our support includes installation and configuration of scanners
  • PDA and Smartphones: We configure the smartphone and PDA's with your computer for data transfer, information access and mobile desktop management.


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System Security
Internet Troubleshoot
Email Configuration
Software Setup
Peripheral Support